Any questions you may have:

What is Earth and Bone?

Earth and Bone is fruition of an idea I've been brewing on for nearly five years now. I am a one woman operation. My full time job is tattooing and Earth and Bone is a creative medium I do as something I enjoy. Earth and Bone is something that is inspired by the forest and enchanted by nature.

Where do the bones come from on your pieces?

Bones and animal parts have been collected from the earth in Colorado or San Diego. All animal bones and parts come from animals that have died from natural causes or from being struck by vehicle. My animal parts are cruelty free. I use only animal bones and parts from animals that are legal to posses.

Do I get tracking on my order?

You should always receive an email with tracking attached when the item has shipped.

Can i make a custom order?

Currently I am not taking custom orders. Why?I can't keep track properly of customs. They're very stressful for me because I do not have the best memory and everything is done by hand by me. If i do agree to making you a custom order it will take me anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months, custom orders are not a priority and generally they will be worked on in my free time which is reasonable to me considering that i do not do custom orders. Im sorry if this disappoints but I need to work on my creative flow and having a custom order needing to be done is sorta like a burden more than anything. Just being honest! :) i will take suggestions for ring sizes and whatnot.

Can I reserve a piece?

Im not currently reserving pieces at all but if and when i do you can reserve a piece for 48 hours. If you havent bought that piece within that time frame it will go back up on the site for sale and cannot be reserved by you again.

Do you ship worldwide?

Yes i do!

How long will it take my package to get here?

Currently all packages are shipped from Denver, Colorado. When an order is placed, i try and ship them out day of or the next day. The maximum time It will take for me to ship something is 5 business days. Unless I am out of town. Which the site will be down when i am. After that it will take about two weeks or less if you are in the United States and up to a month in other countries. Customs can hold packages for ridiculous amounts of time.

Can I return my piece of jewelry?

Yes, within a month of purchase, you can as long as it is not damaged or worn down in any way. Send it back to me and I will refund your money as soon as i get the item.

Where is the tracking on my order?

Feel free to message me about tracking and i will send you tracking.

My jewelry broke, what do I do now?

I can make repairs on all of my jewelry within reason. Just ship the piece back to me and i will repair it and return it in my spare time.

Why is my jewelry piece flaking?

During the process the stone is coated with lacquer to prevent any damage to the piece itself. It can be removed if you apply a light coat of oil like jojoba or olive and wipe it off.

How come my black jewelry is turning copper?

I use Blackened Copper for a lot of my jewelry. It has a patina and is then sealed with lacquer. This prevents the patina from falling off quickly but over time you body adds its own touch to your jewelry by polishing it to its original copper shine in some areas. If you would like for me to re-blacken it I can. Just send it back and i will blacken it, seal it and return it. Unfortunately there is no way to make copper permanently black so be aware before purchasing my copper pieces. I have a Black Black Kit that will help keep your jewelry black.

How can I re-blacken my jewelry myself?

You can get liver of sulphur and mix a drop or two into hot water in a small plastic tub with a lid, place your jewelry in there and place the lid on it. (WARNING: it smells like boiled eggs so don't breathe it in! Use at your own risk and read the directions before use) Let the jewelry sit in there until it is the desired darkness then wash your jewelry with soapy water. 

Why is there black stuff coming off of my jewelry?

That is residual patina and can be removed with a light oil like jojoba and wipe down the surface.